Welcome to the Schuster Lab

The Schuster Lab studies and engineers biomolecular materials. We are particularly interested in proteins that self-organize into meso-scale assemblies. By understanding why and how these proteins assemble, we can gain new insights into their roles in health and disease. By manipulating these proteins, we can invent new technologies for biocatalysis, biomanufacturing, and biopharmaceuticals. We employ approaches from protein engineering, soft matter, biophysics, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and quantitative microscopy.

Protein Phase Separation


Sequence determinants of protein phase separation in health and disease: We seek to understand the driving forces underlying phase separation of intrinsically disordered proteins. This will allow researchers to a) understand native protein function, b) gain insight into aberrant phase transitions in disease and potential therapeutic interventions, and c) rationally manipulate protein phase behavior.

Hierarchical Protein Materials

We are studying and designing novel hierarchical protein assemblies. We seek to understand the importance of such assemblies to cellular function. We also seek to harness these materials for biotechnology applications, including therapeutic delivery.

Technologies for Biomanufacturing

We are developing technologies for biocatalysis, bioseparations, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


We are engineering synthetic membrane-less organelles to impart designer functionalities in living cells. We are motivated by metabolic engineering applications.